Well, a little while ago I did start playing DS and I really liked it. So I started also participating in the TeamLava Forums.

I liked it there. People were friendly and interested.

After a short while, I thought I needed some tool to track my dragons - what I got and what I still miss. Over time I got bigger and more features were added. Also I did post my tool in the DS main forum. Well, That was where I spent all my time this far. Soon enough, I got a warning that it was prohibited to post links in a forum. I just they're just crazy but then I did read up on the rules they clearly have state it there.
(click to enlarge)

I thought what a stupid idea since the WWW is built on linking content. But it is their rule and despite my dislike of it, I followed that rule.

After a little while I got permission to post the link to my tool in PMs.
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However, shortly after having received this message I was banned again with the following reasons:
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Which is strange, since (a) I did get permission to post to my link and (b) giving instructions to outside links is nothing in the rules. You can turn it however you want but telling someone to google things is not giving them instructions to outside links since I didn't even mention what keywords to use or something - and I tend to think, everybody knows what Google is....

Hence I asked for clarification to my ban and this is what I got as reply (you can actually see what I wrote in the post):
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If you read close enough you'll notice that there is no mentioning of the other ban reason 'posting outside links'. Cleaerly they noticed they made an error on that but not even a slight apology or something....

Anyway, that ban passed and I continued to participate on the forums.

Today then a thread appeared on whether you can run DS on a computer. The first few answers were all no and I replied it's possible. If I recall correctly I did mention to use Android in VirtualBox.
Now when I got home after work tonight, I noticed that thread was closed down. There was some reason given discussion inappropriate material or something: I can't recall it.

So I did enquire by the according mod, why that is. I mean there's nothing illegal to run Android (Open Source Software und Apache 2.0 Licence) in VirtualBox (which is given away for free by Oracle).
So, according to these forum rules:
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I did contact the according Mod and laid down my reasons in a civil manner:
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You know what they're reaction was? Well, I guess you already know since I typed it in bold letters on top:
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Well, I don't even see in the rules and TOS what they are referring to. They allow account change between devices and running a virtual android is nothing else but another (virtual) device and all the software can be obtained legally and used legally. And what device restrictions are they even talking about?

So I guess that's it for me on the forums. Not that I want to because I like the forums but due to the permanent ban, I just can't post anymore.

What might work - not sure if it will - is if you will contact TeamLava directly of this excessive behaviour. You can send them an email to support@teamlava.com. I doubt it will alter anything...